What to Expect When Selecting a Marker

Buying a marker for your loved one is a significant event which only happens once in one’s life.  Your options for what you can purchase may be different depending on where you lay your loved one to rest.  This page is designed to help you get a better handle on what you can expect before you begin the process of selecting a marker or monument.  The following questions will help you prepare for the process and help to eliminate surprises.   

  • Where will your loved one be buried? Different cemeteries have different requirements regarding marker styles and you’ll need to understand those guidelines before you purchase a marker or monument.  Landmark Monuments has worked with virtually every cemetery in the area and can help you determine what you’ll need for your situation.
  • Will you be burying other family members in the same place?  Oftentimes married couples will be buried next to each other under a companion marker. 
  • Does your cemetery require a base?  
  • Will the cemetery provide a foundation or is that your responsibility?

One of the advantages of working with Landmark Monuments is that we’ve worked with virtually all of the cemeteries in the area, and once you know where your loved one will be laid to rest, we can take care of everything else.  If you have ideas for a monument or have seen a stone you particularly like, you can upload a photo on our Marker Upload page.  

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