Bevel Markers / Pillow Markers

Bevel grave markers are similar to flat markers but have an angled appearance. Bevel markers serve as a good alternative to flat markers in that they can be more easily seen from a distance and provide a nicer contour to the grave site than a flat marker.

Advantages of Bevel Grave Markers

  • Bevel markers can be more easily customized to represent your loved one then a flat marker. If you’re looking for a memorial for your loved one and not just a place marker (and your cemetery permits it) a bevel marker is a good place to start.
  • Bevel markers can be combined with a base to give a more formal, finished look. Once you’ve combined the bevel marker with a base, it becomes easier to add accessories such as vases and candleholders to your monument.
  • Since the bevel marker is raised above the ground level, the face stays cleaner than a flat marker for a longer period of time.
    Landmark Monuments has a variety of styles and shapes of bevel grave markers as well as many different granite colors. The photos below represent some of the markers we have created.

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