Our Memorials

There are several different categories of markers you’ll encounter when selecting one for your loved one. Some cemeteries require certain styles while others do not. The following are some of the marker styles we’ve created.

Upright Markers

Memorials Upright MarkersThe upright headstone is a classic, traditional marker which immediately comes to mind when thinking about headstones. You can see some of our upright markers here.

Bevel Markers

Memorials Ponzoa​Bevel markers, also known as pillow markers, are similar to flat markers but are installed with the face of the marker several inches above the ground.  You can see some of our bevel markers here. 

Bronze Markers

Memorials Bronze 8Bronze markers create a different look for any grave site. You can see some of ours here.


Memorials Quakertown Mausoleums ChiarosMausoleums are prestigious memorials for those who wish to be entombed in an above ground crypt instead of having an in-ground burial. These are available for one person or to accommodate interments for the whole family.

See them here.

Slant Markers

Memorials Slant MarkersSlanted markers have a tapered front, making it easier to read from above. Similar to an upright, they can be mounted on bases or installed directly in the ground.
Check out some of our slant markers here.

Flat Markers

Memorials CavanaughFlat markers are an economical way to remember your loved one. They are a fairly simple design which mounts flush with the ground. They are also know as flush markers. Check them out here.

Custom Shapes

Memorials Custom ShapesIf you’re looking for a uniques shape or something different, we can help! Landmark Monuments can create a unique and custom look just for your loved one.
Check out some of the shapes here.


Columbaria 1A columbarium is a place for the respectful and usually public storage of cinerary urns.
Cemeteries and churches often use public or community columbariums.

See our Columbaria here.