Inscription & Etching



When a family member buys a companion marker or a family marker, most often the names need to be added at different times, rather than at the initial purchase. Whether you bought a marker from Landmark Monuments, or have an existing marker, Landmark can add those names, matching the original lettering, style, and sizing, creating a unified look for you. We’ll come to the site and inscribe the new name or names, dates, and anything else which you need. If the monument needs to be cleand or is older and in need of repair, check out our repair and restoration page here.

Custom Etching

Inscribing names on your marker is only a small portion of what we can do for you. Remembering your loved one is not usually done with generic images and someone else’s photos. This is why Landmark Monuments focuses on customizing your monument for you and your loved one. If you have an existing monument and would like to see what can be done for you, please visit our marker design upload page. There you can ask questions and even upload a photo of a particular design you like or a picture of something you would like etched on your marker.

Below are a few examples of some of the custom etchings we’ve done for different families.

Memorials Inscription And Etching 16

Memorials Inscription And Etching 17

Memorials Inscription And Etching 18