As time passes and burial trends change many families are choosing cremation as a preferred method of preserving their loved one’s corpse. This change has led to rise in both individual, companion, family and community columbaria for interment of the cremains. A columbarium provides a niche for one or more cremation urns to be securely placed in. The face of each niche can then be lettered with text and/or design to reflect the memory of the one interred. While many community columbaria are available, for families who already have plots purchased for traditional burial and then choose cremation many cemeteries allow the erecting of an individual or companion columbarium on the plot. This allows the interment to be performed above ground and acts as a respectful memorial for the life to be remembered for years to come. Contact us today at 215-529-0318 and schedule a free consultation to discuss the best options for you.

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