Cleaning & Restoration

Cleaning, Restoration, and Repairs


Over time, a headstone or marker can become soiled or stained, causing it to look dull or become unreadable. Fortunately, at Landmark Monuments, we know how to clean them. Simply give us a call and we’ll send a cleaning technician to the cemetery for an on-site cleaning. Below are some photos demonstrating the differences you can expect from a professional cleaning.




Broken pieces, chipped edges, or a stone which has come off its base and fallen over are all issues which happen to monuments. Our restoration and repair specialists know how to repair, remount, and restore your granite monument back to its undamaged condition.



Cemetery Restorations

Older cemeteries often need extensive work, as well as special care for older stones and monuments. We have extensive experience in full cemetery restorations, older work, and unique circumstances. If you’re interested in a larger restoration project, please contact us.